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Empanelment of Valuer
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State Bank of India, Republic of Maldives invites applications for empanelment of Valuers for the period 01.07.2020 to 30.06.2021, for the purpose of valuation of primary/collateral securities in all the atolls/islands of Republic of Maldives including Male’ & Hulhumale.

Scope of work for the empaneled valuer(s) shall include valuation of securities viz. Commercial and Residential properties of all the atolls/islands of Republic of Maldives, Resorts (fully constructed or under constructed), Lands/plots, Vessels, Shipping Dhonis, etc.

The applications are invited from reputed agencies fulfilling at least the below mentioned criterions and may apply for empanelment as valuer:

i) Companies registered in Republic of Maldives and fulfilling the criterion of registration as per local laws and operating in Republic of Maldives. ii) The company or its directors must not have been blacklisted by any bank/institution.

The applications in prescribed format in Annexure-I along with relevant enclosures/documents etc., must be submitted to SBI Male’, 8th Floor, H. Sunleet, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, Republic of Maldives. Etc. by 25.06.2020 for further scrutiny and submission to appropriate authority.

The Bank reserves the right to amend/modify any terms and conditions of empanelment and withdraw the advertisement without any notice and decision of the bank shall be considered full and final in empanelment of valuer(s).

For details and required Annexure, please visit “Empanelment of Valuers” in "What’s New" section under Bank’s website

Applications will be received at designated floor from 11.06.2020 to 25.06.2020 for empanelment on all working days. No application will be entertained for the current empanelment process, after 25.06.2020.

Note: In case, any applicant is found guilty of misconduct in some other Bank/Institution, such applications will not be considered for empanelment.

Place: Male’ Contact No.: +960-9132592
Date: 11.06.2020 +960-9132593

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