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Talk to us about trade Finance

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Please write to for all your issues and copy to the respective departments mail ids
Department Email ID Contact Number Escalation
Savings Account Related Issues 3323751
Current Account Related Issues 3328615
Salary Credit Related Issues 3323751
USD - Remittance Related Issues 3338695
INR/India - Remittance Related Issues 3331533
Inward Remittance Related Issues 3320860
RTGS Related Issues 3338696
Clearing Related Issues 3326949
ATM Related Issues 3309918
Internet Banking / Yono Related Issues 3331532
Other Issues 3312111
Hulhumale Branch (All Issues) 3350875
Hithadhoo Branch (All Issues) 6885071
Maamigili Branch (All Issues) 6682801

Transaction Hours

Business Hours: Maldives Local Time is + 05:00 GMT All Timings as per Maldives Local Time

Business Hours
(Sunday to Thursday)
08:30 am to 2:00 pm
Weekly Holiday Friday & Saturday
Other Holidays As per Public Holidays declared.