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Mortgage Term Loans


To meet specific personal expenses /investment in business (purpose of the loan has to be specifically mentioned by the borrower in application form).


Individuals of High Net worth, either singly orjointly with regular source of income

Loan Amount

The loan will be extended maximum up to 60% of the value of the collateral security.

The loan will be available in MVR only.


  • Mortgage of land and / or building whose market valueis minimum of 1.66 times the quantum of loan proposed. If theland is leasehold the remaining period of the lease should be atleast for twice the repayment period. Property should be in the name of borrower or he should be one of the joint owners. Loan against the property of third party will to be considered selectively.
  • Personal Guarantee of owner/owners of the property

Interest rate/Processing fee/other charges*

Interest rate: Minimum of 12% p.a. with monthly compounding linked to Government T-bill rate varying from time to time.

Processing fee: min 1.5% of the loan amount (to be paid upfront).

Mortgage Charge: min MVR1000/-.


The loan will be repayable in monthly installments over a period of maximum 60 months. A need based start up period of up to three months can be given.

Procedure & Documents Required

  • Duly completed Mortgage Loan Application form.
  • Proof of identity – copy of national ID Card with self attestation.
  • Satisfactory income proof.
  • Photographs of applicants and guarantors.
  • Photograph of the property / land offered as a mortgage taken from three angles for easy location and identification of the property.
  • Property registry copies.
  • Bank account statements for last six months of all the applicants.

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