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Project term loan

Project Term Loans:

SBI is a pioneer bank in India for project financing. At SBI, we consider project financing as a holistic process where the Bank is involved from end to end, across the life of the project. Dedicated team of professionals is available for customized solutions within a broad framework of the Bank.

Our Term loans are primarily given as project term loans, commercial term loans and Corporate loans for long term needs of the Individuals/ Companies, viz. acquisition of fixed assets, Residential cum Commercial Buildings, Plant & Machinery and Loans for development / renovation/refurbishing of Resorts.


Individuals, Corporates and Non-corporates

Amount of Finance:

Need- Based

Repayment Tenure:

Maximum Period up to 10 years, including moratorium period

Rate of Interest

Competitive rates

Processing Fee:

Competitive rates


Charge on the fixed assets acquired along with collateral security, preferably over 150% of Loan Amount and Personal Guarantee of the owners